Bitmain and NULS Partners for Cross-Chain Development

Bitmain and NULS Partners for Cross-Chain Development

Liesa Huang, the new CEO of NULS made the announcement during a conference held in Beijing. NULS, a global blockchain open source project announced its partnership with Bitmain, on 12th July.

The partnership focuses on the joint partnerships in future and cross-chain development.
The cross-chain technology refers to technologies that can be used for various kinds of interactions across different blockchains. The most popular implementation of cross-chain technologies is atomic swaps, a theoretical technology that could lead to transactions between two or more blockchains.

Liesa Huang, the CEO of NULS said:

“NULS received a strategic investment from Bitmain and we will use this to work on cross-chain development and other joint projects in the future.”

The team also made the announcement on their Twitter handle:

“Yes, you heard right! We have strategically partnered with Bitmain and will be collaborating in the future with development of cross chain technology.”

NULS proof-of-credit is connected through the cross-chain consensus modules. The architecture of cross-chain and proof-of-chain is built such that it provides high scalability and rapid value transmission. NULS is a highly customizable modular blockchain infrastructure which provides a smart contract, cross-chain consensus, and multi-chain mechanism.

Along with the Bitmain partnership, the CEO of NULS announced more collaborations. NULS will be funding PRISM, the first large-scale project, and a collaboration with Dengfei charity foundation. Moreover, a new NULS technology research department was announced, along with the other projects.

The main agenda of the conference was to celebrate the NULS main-net which saw a turn over of 300 delegates.

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