Bitcoin Cash Fund teams up with Yeewallet for BCH Airdrop

Bitcoin Cash Fund teams up with Yeewallet for BCH Airdrop

Bitcoin Cash Fund has teamed up with Yeewallet to encourage crypto enthusiasts to adopt BCH.

In an announcement dated 8th May 2018, the two partners announced their plans to launch an airdrop for the users of Yeewallet. The partnership would be based on a strategic consensus aiming to attract as many users of Yeewallet to adopt Bitcoin Cash as it possibly can.

Yeewallet, if you don’t know, is a recently launched startup which provides internet voice call services in addition to providing trading options of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Cash Fund, on the other hand, is a non-profit organization which has the aim of promoting BCH among crypto enthusiasts and users. The 33 million Yee platform users would be encouraged to use Bitcoin Cash with this partnership.

The Yee team said:

“Yee believes that the support of BCH on Yeewallet will not only enrich the Yeecall’s application scenario and satisfy our Yeecall users’ needs, but also extend the BCH’s influence and promote the development of BCH community.”



How to Participate

For participating in the Bitcoin Cash airdrop on Yee, the only requirement is that, as a Yeewallet user, you must hold a minimum of 10,000 YEE tokens—Yee’s native coin. That is all!

Those meeting the requirement would share 20 BCH divided proportionally on the basis of the amount of YEE tokens they have in their wallet.

Paul Wasensteiner told


“Bitcoin Cash technology needs to be ingrained into almost everything we use to communicate – Bitcoin Cash will do the same for everybody else in the world to communicate with anyone else. By integrating a Bitcoin Cash wallet into a popular messaging app like Yeecall, and even providing some free BCH so people can see how easy it is to use, the barrier to entry for these users has been completed removed.”

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