New Website started by Bitcoin Cash Fund to push BCH

New Website started by Bitcoin Cash Fund to push BCH

It seems like the adoption of cryptocurrencies is becoming the new black. A community-driven project, Bitcoin Cash Fund, is dedicated to pushing the use of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) by starting a new website for the adoption of BCH. The new website will be the “home of all things Bitcoin Cash”.

The Bitcoin Cash Fund (BCF) was incorporated in 2017 as a non-profit organization which distributes donated funds to fasten the adoption of bitcoin cash (BCH). It was started by a request to the community to crowdfund a promo video for Bitcoin Cash. The phenomenal support it received made it clear that there was a need for a permanent role to be taken up by an organization.

What Does the Website Do?

The website is which educates the user about cryptocurrencies, bitcoins, how it works and how to trade with these virtual currencies. The website further claims that to learn Bitcoin, you must first use it. It explains to the user how to download a wallet and asks them to play with the coins. It also assures the user that they will understand how to operate a wallet by sending a few bits back and forth, after which they will be hooked.

The website highlights the merchant about the advantages of adopting BCH considering the low transaction fees, no chargeback and a growing user base of BCH users.

It also gives guidelines catering the needs of all merchants by not only informing them about platforms like Coinbase Commerce but also giving instructions to prefer using wallets to accept payments from customers during face-to-face transactions. 

Members seemed thrilled to use the site. One of the members added that the graphics and colors are also good apart from being top of the line.

The website also warns that wallet’s security is handled by the user solely and thus recommends trustworthy exchanges like Coinbase, etc. The members keep on adding value points by asking the website to answer their questions.

Moreover, the website will also feature a resource section of BCH wallets along with Point-of-Sale (PoS) systems. It will be a useful vehicle towards hastening the mass adoption of Bitcoin Cash.

It is a great platform for everyone to explore!

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