Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Upcoming Hard Fork Sparks Debate

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Upcoming Hard Fork Sparks Debate

Love Bitcoin Cash (BCH)? Well, then you’ve probably been waiting for the upcoming hard fork which is scheduled for November 15 this year.

As the scheduled date of the hard fork comes close, more discussions arise about the conflict between the Bitcoin ABC developers and the Bitcoin SV project’s developers. Steve Shadders from the Nchain team recently shared a post about the Bitcoin SV client which would be published next month.

Shadders essentially explained that the Nchain team isn’t forcing people to use 128MB blocks. It instead encourages miners to configure the block size limits by themselves. Shadders said:

“The power of miner’s choice — This is precisely what Coingeek and other miners seek to change — Both the soft and hard caps are configuration items that enable miners to exercise the power of governance endowed upon them by the bitcoin system in proportion to their investment.
Bitcoin SV supports this and whilst we have no choice but to set default values (you can’t have a configurable setting without them) we do not endorse those values as the best choice and we encourage miners to adjust them as they see fit.”

He emphasized that what they are doing is just placing “the configuration settings to a much more prominent place.”

1 CPU = 1 Vote

Coingeek said that the BCH protocol is preparing a schism this November. It explains:

“Unlike a national election for presidency, it is not 1 human = 1 vote. It is 1 CPU = 1 Vote — This means, it comes down to hash power — That alone is the consensus-seeking mechanism that was built into Bitcoin since day one and the consensus mechanism that was highlighted in Satoshi’s whitepaper.
The battle here is over the same BCH blockchain. It is exceedingly unlikely that we will get a split coin in November, since both mining factions are fighting over the BCH ticker and existing eco-system — The hashpower is over one chain in true Nakamoto consensus — No team, is seeking to split into a different coin.”

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