Indian crypto exchange Bitbns becomes the first platform for EOS RAM trading

Indian crypto exchange Bitbns becomes the first platform for EOS RAM trading

Bitbns, the Indian crypto exchange announced on 6th July that it has now added EOS RAM for trading. In its blog, Bitbns has also stated that it is the first global exchange to have listed EOS RAM for trading and the only Indian cryptocurrency exchange to have listed more than 50 digital assets.

RAM [Random Access Memory] is an advanced property of a PC required to store transaction information, keys, balances and contract state. The RAM designated to a framework is chosen by certain technological laws. To unravel this, EOSIO has devised a free-market design. Communities that miss the mark on RAM can purchase and offer it over the EOSIO ecosystem in return for EOS, which is EOSIO’s native crypto coin.

Strangely, the cost of RAM will be controlled by the interest for EOS smart contracts among the developers. This will likewise draw the interest for high EOS RAM prompting a climb in EOS RAM price for trading. At the point when there are higher demands, clients will have the capacity to purchase RAM from another client who possesses it only, as opposed to getting it from the system. As indicated by Bitbns, just – 17% RAM is left for an immediate sale.

The price of EOS RAM has gone up from an estimated 0.01 EOS per kilobyte on 20th June to 0.20 EOS/KB on 3rd July. At present, EOS RAM is selling at an increased price of about 0.57 EOS/KB.

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