Bamboo, a Startup that Allows you to Invest Spare Change in Crypto

Bamboo, a Startup that Allows you to Invest Spare Change in Crypto

Phil George and his cryptocurrency micro investment app Bamboo are striving to improve the understanding and investment opportunities associated with new technologies like blockchain that underlie disruptive changes in finance and economics.

Phil George stated,

Our platform aims to provide access to different investment opportunities like cryptocurrencies.’

Bamboo is planned to launch in Australia and the United States and works very similar to the successful Raiz Invest App that allows users to invest spare change into their portfolios.

Bamboo will allow users to invest their spare change in cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. However, that does not cover the entire scope of Bamboo as there’s more to it. He wants to extend the scope of micro investing to things like real estate and commodities. This vision is shared by the entire founding team who wants to share the benefits of blockchain technology with the entire world. George stated,

We believed that blockchain represented new technologies and opportunities but were far too difficult to have any level of exposure to.’

He further added,

‘We want to make products and tools that made it easy for anyone to get involved. We call it democratizing finance. The micro investment app is really the first and most obvious thing we do to make these opportunities accessible to everyone.’

According to Peter Hume, the Bamboo chief technology officer and co-founder, Bamboo is designed to simplify the process of investing in cryptocurrency. He stated,

Cryptocurrency investment is niche, cliquey and highly technical. We see the potential and promise of blockchain and wanted to extend the opportunity to everyone.’

Phil George also stated that Bamboo was receiving interest not only from its home country of Australia, but also other parts of the world including United States,Europe and even many developing nations. He stated,

A lot of the third world nations are eager, if not more eager, because the barrier to entry is so low with the app that everyone feels that they have an opportunity to be a part of it and they do. ‘

Talking about what’s next George stated,

I guess what’s next is how aggressively we can launch into new markets that maybe others have overlooked because they don’t have a huge disposable income and they don’t have a huge amount of individual help. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be afforded the same opportunity.’

These announcements gained even further attention when two founding members of Acorn, Colton Dillion and Taylor Culbertson announced that they had joined the Bamboo team. Phil George commented on this,

Acorns introduced the concept of micro-investing into listed assets on the share market. We are pleased that two of the early members from the project have recently joined the Bamboo team.’

He added,

Obviously it was a very similar app with a very similar target market. We’re excited and have a lot of confidence around our ability to go after those same numbers and hopefully even more when we launch them in the same market.’

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