Baidu to Launch Totem Rewards and Reveal its Blockchain Layout
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Baidu to Launch Totem Rewards and Reveal its Blockchain Layout

Baidu Totem, a Chinese Search Giant’s stock photo-based service will launch its totem rewards and unveil its blockchain based layout in two weeks.

Baidu launched Baidu Totem in April and it works on the same blockchain technology principle as Kodak’s KodakOne is used for tracking pictures.  Its purpose is to protect the intellectual image rights of people in China.

The way it works is that it timestamps image submissions from a user and stores the data associated with it across a distributed network. Baidu’s AI technologies are capable of detecting duplicates and infringements and taking action to resolve the issues through ‘online rights lawyers’.

According to the search engine’s website, Baidu will hold a conference on July 18 for the announcements. Vice president of Baidu’s search division Wu Hailong, Baidu’s search chief architect and the director of the blockchain laboratory Tan Waiting, and Zhang Xinyong, the director of Baidu search product operations are expected to be present at the conference for the launch of Totem Rewards and the unveiling of the blockchain layout.

Totem rewards are seen by the company as a means of achieving equity in the ecosystem. For now, these rewards are open only for limited functions such as user uploads of images. They haven’t released any information about other users or specific use scenarios for the rewards. However, it is speculated that in the future, it may be used for image transactions.

Tan Waiting, Baidu’s chief architect and director of the blockchain lab believes that the blockchain wave is here and that it is not just a subset of the internet, but has bigger implications with Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and other technologies to magnify the value of technology.

The Baidu Blockchain lab is working towards a greater application of Blockchain in Baidu products and the Totem is a major one of them. The conference on July 18 is expected to provide more information about the application of totem rewards and the structure of the blockchain system used by Baidu.

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