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Anshul Mohan

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Tron Price Update: Can it reach $.28 again?

Tron Price Update: Can it reach $0.28 again?

On January 5th, Tron coin (TRX) was valued at $.28, which is the highest it has managed to reach so far. After 3 months of uncertainty, Tron is showing a promising uptrend as it grew by more than 26% at the time of writing. Currently, Tron's price is hovering around...
Ripple May Cross $1 Mark Very Soon - Again!

Ripple May Cross $1 Mark Very Soon – Again!

During the months of December 2017 and January 2018, Ripple (XRP) had seen the highest ever jump from $0.25 to a record high of $3.75. Since then, this popular cryptocurrency and many others have been experiencing a downfall due to all the Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) being spread, regulations...
A Brief Guide to Blockchain

A Brief Guide to Blockchain

Blockchain promises to radicalize dozens of industries ranging from Financial Technology to Real Estate to Voting. The technology has seen investment in billions from some of the biggest players like JP Morgan and IBM. Millions of people are already reaping benefits and saving money using Blockchain. It's imperative to understand...
Co-creating the next level of the EU anti-counterfeiting infrastructure on blockchain: the 2018 EU Blockathon Challenge
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Co-creating The Next Level of The EU Anti-counterfeiting Infrastructure on Blockchain: The 2018 EU Blockathon Challenge

The European Union is rich in intellectual resources. Creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship are the sources of its growth. Intellectual property rights (IPR) intensive industries contribute 42 % to the EU’s GDP and directly or indirectly support 38 % of jobs. Infringements of intellectual property, such as counterfeiting and piracy, significantly harm EU...
A Brief Guide to Ethereum

A Brief Guide to Ethereum

Ethereum with its second largest Cryptocurrency market cap has been a subject to a lot of hype. It is seen by some as the new Internet, a Web 3.0. Its critics call it a platform that gives rise to scammers and Ponzi schemes. In order to fully understand Ethereum, we...
What is Hashgraph and How is it Better than Blockchain?

What is Hashgraph and How is it Better than Blockchain?

Blockchain has been termed as the most disruptive technology since the internet. In 2017 alone, startups raised a whopping US$ 6 billion with 879 initial coin offerings (ICOs). The distributed ledger technology (DLT) that runs behind blockchain is changing the way businesses operate. Every techie you know has an opinion...

Bitcoin Blockchain is Being Used for Storing Objectionable Content

The indigenously immutable and decentralized nature of blockchain has been two of the biggest advantages of this technology. But the same two features might prove to be trouble for anyone who possesses a Bitcoin blockchain. A team of German researchers recently published a paper that revealed that the Bitcoin blockchain contains...

A Brief Guide to Bitcoin

The Bitcoin frenzy was at an all-time high last December spurred by a growing user base and the rapidly evolving Cryptocurrency startups. There have been big investments in mining equipment, which in a way reminds us of the gold rush. While it's difficult to justify if the excitement is warranted,...
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