Australia’s first Cryptocurrency Town now has NEM

Australia’s first Cryptocurrency Town now has NEM

Akasha Indream’s interview was broadcasted by NEM on 8th August, The conversation was with NEM’s Queensland Regional Head, Gordon Christian. The first ever cryptocurrency town of Australia, 1770, Agnes Water was discussed in the interview. This hub is located on the coast of Queensland. The visionary behind this project is Gordon

As per Gordon Christian, the most extraordinary thing about 1770 currently is that NEM was lucky enough to collaborate with h TravelByBit to roll out Australia’s first digital currency town. The regional team of NEM has led the way all over the world and not just Australia. The managed to successfully onboard mass adoption of cryptocurrencies to one concentrated place. He then added:

“Anyone that wants to spend their cryptocurrency, can come to Agnes Water in 1770 and have a full travel experience just by using digital currency.”

The TravelByBit payment system is a point of sale system which aids users to use cryptocurrencies for payments all through the city of 1770. At present, there are nearly 35 businesses who are accepting cryptocurrencies as payment.

Furthermore, Christian confirmed that the users can book through their travel agency using cryptocurrencies or the currency and through a currency exchange system at a local store using their phone. This will lead to the transfer of the user’s into fiat at the point of sale. Whereas the locals are considered regarding that accepting the digital currency mode of payment, Gordon went on to say:

“When we introduced the idea of this mode of payment and how it as going to bring more tourism to our area, the local stakeholders and retailers felt that it was a great idea from the start.”

Additionally, he said:

“So within a short period we had about 10 people and the next thing we knew, there were around 20 people. It didn’t take much longer for people to get on board with the idea.”

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