'Professional' Paid API For Developers and Funds Launched by CoinMarketCap

‘Professional’ Paid API For Developers and Funds Launched by CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap.com (CMC), the crypto data tracker has launched a professional, paid API targeting developers and funds, as per an official announcement on August 1, 2018.

The new product supposedly targets to serve as a crucial “pipeline” that will give precise and separated information to developers and funds across crypto product prices, conversions, market capitalization and trading pair data aggregated from multiple exchanges.

As per CMC’s announcement, the latest features are provided for a fee and are layered between “hobbyist” access that begins from $79 every month to a “professional” contract that begins from $699 every month. This latter alternative is showcased as “best for scaling crypto projects,” and expands the accessible verifiable data over a five-year time traverse.

CMC presents its new API as a reaction to the enhancement of new crypto products and in addition the rising number of institutional funds investing into the early business. The project takes note of that the API has experienced, a month-long beta testing phase by clients before the launch today.

Additionally, the new API also tracks crypto-based subsidiaries markets, with support for future options, choices and over-the-counter (OTC) trades.

Not long ago, CMC declared its underlying move to introduce significant changes with its trade postings strategy in light of worries over skewed trade volume data. The site ascribed the volume data issues both to the new “transaction fee mining” model that has as of late been received by a few trades, and additionally to “artificial volumes” thus called “wash trading” honed by certain actors in the space.

CMC, the five-year-old crypto data tracker, continues to rebrand its platform and has seen an ever-increasing growth that reports over 60 million unique visits from Jan-May this year.

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