Amal Sharma Discusses Cryptocurrencies
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Amal Sharma Discusses Cryptocurrencies

Amal Sharma, the Director and Chief Executive Officer of Tag World Exchange (TWEX), feels that cryptocurrencies have changed the finance sector for good.

In an interview with CoinFrenzy, he spoke about how skeptical he had been when he had first heard about cryptocurrencies. He said:

“When I came to the world of crypto, my first reaction was, it’s a scam. Because how can you make something based on nothing have so much value just based on the intrinsic value, trusting the decentralized system?”

TWEX helps innovative startups to reach their full potential. The platform allows for companies and investors to come together on a single platform with all investments done on portfolios rather single companies. This enables investors to manage the risks accordingly.

Putting it simply, it is a crowd-lending platform which allows investors to invest their funds in new companies with the help of smart contracts based on Ethereum and TWEX Tokens.

He later went on and explained that TWEX is different from other ICOs since TWEX already has a working platform. Most ICOs raise funds and either run away with the money or start working on building the product. But TWEX has already built its product.

Amal explains the concept of TWEX:

“We created an exchange. It’s an exchange that enables you to trade smart contracts. Smart contracts for capital repayment, for profit participation, and for preferred shares—there and many that could be traded on the exchange. What all that means is that when you come in, and you put money on the table, against it, you have token that gives you the right to use this website, to use some valuation tools we have created, to use all infrastructure, everything that is up there, that can be found at Afterwords, you get a TWEX tokenized preferred share. You also get smart contract for capital repayment smart contract for profit participation and a percentage of sales.”

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