Alphacat enters into partnership with The Blockchainer

Alphacat enters into partnership with The Blockchainer

Alphacat, a marketplace for robo advisors in cryptocurrency investment entered into an agreement with the Blockchainer, a marketing company that provides global marketing solutions for blockchain projects that are in different stages of development.

Alphacat is focused on making investment in cryptocurrency easy and accessible for everyone to deal in regardless of their background and experience. The Blockchainer will help Alphacat to expand their business in overseas markets, build their global ecosystem and provide access to Blockchainer’s exchange resources.

The Blockchainer is a Singapore based company that focuses on building blockchain enterprise ecosystems. It offers services such as industry ratings, listings on the global digital currency exchange, overseas industrial summits and global meetup hosting.

Bin Li, Alphacat’s founder, and CEO hopes that the partnership with the Blockchainer brings them a way to expand their global business and grow their target user base. He believes that this is a way for the company to strengthen its global business strategy. He said

Our goal is to make ACAT’s financial technology benefit more users around the world so that the ACAT ecosystem will be fully rooted in the global market.

The Blockchainer also has strong relations with a lot of international exchanges such as Binance and this partnership will enable Alphacat to improve its liquidity and visibility through the opportunity of listing on these international exchanges. This partnership will also help Alphacat to reach a wider target audience of Blockchain users to expand its project and financial technologies globally.

Alphacat saw the opportunity of going international with its AI technology and robo advisors that will be able to predict and trade in cryptocurrencies by themselves with The Blockchainer. The Blockchainer’s expansive resources will help Alphacat to roll out their services in different parts of the world with more ease and less skepticism. This will mainly be a result of the Blockchainer’s abilities, experience, and network across the world.

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