Cardano's CEO Talks About the Latest Projects in the Cardano Pipeline

Cardano’s CEO Talks About the Latest Projects in the Cardano Pipeline

Cryptocurrency is never stable and keeps developing itself. Cardano is one such example of a crypto which is gradually developing to become the finest cryptos in the world.

The CEO of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, uploaded a video on Twitter where he spoke about all the latest projects in the roadmap of Cardano. The CEO spoke from Singapore where he was attending the World Blockchain Conference. He talked about Cardano’s Smart contract, Prometheus, Plutus, and sidechains.

1. Smart Contract

The CEO of Cardano revealed that Cardano is using Solidity, which is a surface language, because of its large library and systemic advantages. The video shows that Solidity will be used to test both IELE and KEVM, the testnets. Cardano has also hired a new project manager who will be overseeing the launch of two smart contract testnets.

2. Prometheus

Prometheus is a backend toolbox used to power multiple wallets such as a browser-based wallet, a software wallet, and a command line wallet. The CEO said that there has been a huge interest from users regarding the portable code.

These are stated to be the first releases in an upcoming line of developments. He also added that Cardano is setting up a team to ensure that the properties of the platform are carried over for the development of light wallets, mobile wallets, and embedded devices. The collective code to execute this has been named as ‘Project Prometheus’.

3. Plutus

Charles Hoskinson informed the followers that the Plutus project team has been growing steadily with active efforts being made to use complex computer languages to make that the platform bigger and better. The aim of this project is to ensure that data can switch between multiple platforms. Cardano will have its own ERC20 style standard with IELE and KEVM being supported at the moment.

4. Sidechains

The publisher not only wants the code to be tested multiple times but also wants to publish the code as soon as it is first implemented. The CEO of Cardano hopes that they can demonstrate sidechains by connecting some centralized chains to the platform as a permitted ledger.

Every crypto is in the rush to bring out something new and compete with the rest. Cardano is one such blockchain platform with a strange habit of naming its development phases after poets, a computer scientist, and philosophers. Even the name ‘Cardano’ comes from the sixteenth-century Italian mathematician, Gerolamo Cardano.

Cardano roadmap shows its business is as usual. Developers who are working towards laying the base for the decentralized and secure network, known as the phase Shelley, are also engaged with a new backend for the Daedalus wallet and on Quantum-resistant signature technology. The slow pace of development of Cardano ensures that the features and new codes work perfectly before the official release.

Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOHK and lead developer for Cardano, has bigger plans for Cardano. Cardano is committed to ensuring that every stage of development is peer-reviewed by blockchain experts and academics. Cardano is progressing gradually. Shelley is also expected to be launched this quarter but the project won’t be fully finalized until 2020. Only when Cardano’s contract with IOHK, its lead developer, comes to an end, will the project be finalized.

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