Accenture May Use Blockchain to Streamline Shipping Process

Accenture Global Solutions, a professional consulting giant, may be considering applying blockchain technology to automate and streamline the shipping process.

The document published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday, July 26, shows the proposed system would be used to determine the type and other attributes of the object, and store the information on a blockchain. The system will then track the object as it’s shipped from one place to another, using the information stored on the distributed ledger to confirm its status and condition.

Unmanned aerial vehicles or robots participating in the network can compare the object’s condition to data stored on the blockchain to keep a check on the integrity of the shipment as they are shipped from one location to another.

Other autonomous and driverless vehicles can also track the information stored on the blockchain.

If the device verifies the identity and condition of the object successfully after matching the details with information stored on the blockchain, it will allow the object to carry on with its journey, whether that means loading it onto a vehicle for transportation or incorporating it into a further manufacturing process.

However, if the data from the current and previous stage doesn’t match, the autonomous device can stop the payment and return the object.

The proposed system can also create messages to alert managers and other staff usually involved in the shipping process and other government agencies that regulate the shipped products. In addition, it can also call for a manager meeting if absolutely necessary or ask an investigator to check the product’s condition.

This application is the consulting giant’s “latest show of interest” in blockchain-based applications.

In 2017, Microsoft and Accenture launched a functioning blockchain prototype of an identity-storage and is at present working with the United Nations and the World Economic Forum on digital identity projects.



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